f▓our days, according to Monday

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g. That title still belongs t▓o “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End▓,” which debuted with 139.8 million US dollars in 20▓07.The second standalone “Star Wars” anthology film has receiv

ed mixed reviews. It current▓ly holds an A- CinemaScore, along with a 71 percent rating o▓n Rotten Tomatoes.“Solo” was the o▓nly wide release this weekend, meaning the rest of the North American box office consists of a series of holdovers.“Deadpool 2” slid to No. 2, where it made 55 million US dollars from▓ 4,349 screen

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s over four-days. That brings its domestic total up to 219 million US dollars.In th▓ird is another heroic blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity War.” The Marvel a▓nd Disney title’s scored 21.2 mill▓ion US dollars in 3,768 locations. In five wee▓ks, it

s domestic tally has topped 626 million US dollars, while globally it has made 1.9 billion US doll▓ars.“Book Club” landed in fourth during its sophomore outing. Paramount’s latest comedy took in 9.5 million US dollars for the t▓hree days on 2,810 screens. Its domestic total n

ow reads 34.2 million US dollars after earning 12▓.5 million US dollars for the four-day w▓eekend.That leaves Warner Bros.’ “Lif

estimates. It

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e of t▓he Party” at No. 5, with 6.9 million US dollars from 2,937 locations for the four

days. I▓ts three-day total was 5 million US dollars, while its t▓hree-week domestic grosses lands at 40.9 m▓illion US dollars.Also in the top 10 is the

  • came in way under projections, opening with 8
  • 4.7▓ million US dollars over three days, and
  • just 148 millio▓n US dollars globally.“Solo&rdquo
  • ; represents t▓he lowest opening for a &l
  • dquo;Star Wars” film sinc▓e Disney took over the franchise starting with 2015&rsquo
  • ;s “The Force Awakens.” As the first film in the▓
  • sequel trilogy, “The Force Awaken

little documentary that could— “RBG.” The title centered on the life and career of Supre▓me Court Justice Ruth Bader G

s” lau

nched with a mas

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insburg made 1.5 million US dollars on just 415 screens over the▓ four-day weekend. In four weeks, the

sive 248 million

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Magnolia and ▓Participant Media film has grossed an impressive 6 million US dollars.“Solo”

US dollars three-

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still boasts the domestic box office 23.1 percent compared to Me▓morial Day weekend in 2017, according

to comScore. Meanwh▓ile, the year-to-date box office is up 7.6 percent.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the Q

d▓ay total. A y

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R Code to follow us on Wechat"Rampage" tops North American box office in opening weekend▓"Rampage" tops North American box office i▓n opening weekend"Rampage" tops North American box▓ office in opening weekend04-16-2018 08:47 BJTNew Line Cin▓ema and Warner Bros.'

science fiction monster film "Rampage" topped North American bo▓x office in its opening weekend with an estimated 34.5 million U.S. dollars, defeating "A Quiet Place" ▓in a close race.Directed by Brad Peyton, the film stars Dwayne Johns

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on, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake▓ Lacy, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The plot follows a primatologist named Davis Okoye who must team up with George, an extraordinarily intelligent goril▓la who turns into a raging creature of enormous size following a rogue experiment, in order to stop an ▓invasion of monsters."Rampage" earned a "A-" from▓ moviegoers on CinemaScore and a 50

rating on Rotten To▓matoes to date.The film with a reported 120 milli▓on dollars budget also brought in an estimated 114.1 million interna

ear later, &ldqu

tionally for a global cum▓e of 148.6 million dollars, according to studio figures collected b

ollars, whil

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y comScore."Dwayne Johnson is a closer," Jeff Goldstein, president of domes▓tic distribution at Warner Bros.' attributed the success to J

&md▓ash; &ldq uo;The Last Jedi” &mdash ; bowed just five months ago in De cember 2017 with 2 20 million US do llars.“Solo&rd quo; did help land the best domestic▓ Memorial Da y weekend since 20 14 when &ldq uo;X-Men: Da▓ ys of Future Past” w as the top film. H owever▓, it wasn& rsquo;t enough to la nd the highest Mem or▓ial Day openin 常熟市wap 理县wap 永德县wap 耒阳市wap 峡江县5G 邛崃市wap 连山壮族瑶族自治县5G 连江县5G 清镇市wap 寿光市wap 马关县5G 芦溪县5G 宁阳县5G 栾城县wap 南溪县wap 林周县5G 柳林县wap 鹿邑县5G 旺苍县wap 嘉禾县5G 传奇私服制作教程 热血传奇私服沉默版本 热血传奇私服端游 仿盛大传奇私服新开网 传奇私服客户端完整版下载 传奇私服中变网站 开传奇私服教学 单职业手机传奇私服游戏 单机传奇私服网站 最新东北网通传奇私服